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Where Have They Gone?

I stumbled across a great site – The Towelians.

They wrote about their thoughts of Islam, their personal journeys to ‘apostacy’ or rather to atheism for these folk.

They had humour, wit and an intelectual honesty that I deeply appreciated. And now they are gone…

One of the things I found on their blog was this video I got Sarah to post, which showed that whilst they had left Islam behind they didn’t then turn on muslims as evil folk as others have…  They also wrote about the political world of Islam – the last story being of a journalist who passed a copy of an article on the treatment of women in Islam to a couple of his friends to find himself sentenced to death – it is thought that the ‘authorities’ are really after his big brother a cutting edge journalist who has been critical of the Afghan military…

Which shows the breadth of their writing and now they are Gone!

I wonder whether the folk couldn’t be bothered to continue after one of their brothers ‘semi-retired’ to concentrate on other things But I also worry that they received one to many serious threats and thus took some advice for their own safety.

It was a blog with which I disagreed with, from time to time, but appreciated the enrichment they brought to my life, and hopefully others…


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