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And if you want a go at touching on all points re Sarah Palin – then you are more than welcome…

I’m actually not a big Sarah Palin or John McCain fan ; however , I do dislike the other pairing. It is in that setting I find myself sometimes offering opinion on the former and here I go again.

Palin has had many many things said about her in relation to her faith. Anyone that has even the worse stereotypical opinion of us Yanks know that this is an action that can backfire rather easily. Americans tend to get their “Christian” on under the weirdest circumstances and do things with it that leaves many scratching their heads.

There are stories that Palin as mayor of Wasilla Alaska banned books that were contrary to the teachings of her church. This is demonstrably untrue but that doesn’t stop certain elements from screaming it as gospel.

There are claims that Palin wants Creationism taught in the public schools. The truth is that she is a supporter of the topic not being kept from the discussion . She’s not proposed any curriculum changes and the science skills of Alaskans are the the status quo. Again those that oppose her and hers still shout it from the roof tops.

Need I weigh in on the abortion issue ? Some of the stories and comments in that arena are downright disgusting. Let’s just go with the daughter angle. Many opponents of her, and let’s face it the faithful ,state she is a failure for preaching abstinence since she has a pregnant teen daughter. Truth be told Christians I know are usually understanding of failure.

Currently there is buzz about her once receiving a prayer of protection from an African priest. The story for that one focuses on such classy stuff as witchcraft. Is it ironic that people that on one hand are against religion are stereotyped as being all about multiculturalism and understanding ?

I am one of those that have come around to wondering where is the line ,yet being convinced one definitely exists, between opposing McCain / Palin and being against religion, especially Christianity ? To think a faithful Christian or follower of any of the world’s religions is somehow a lesser human being seems rather off to me. The vigor with which her critics attack though seems explainable by that premise very well.

So will religion be an issue in the closing days of the election ? I don’t know but I think it is safe to say that Palins arrival on the scene allowed for some light to be shined in certain corners. The Evagelical Right base has been energized and the anti religion crowd showed their hand for sure. So who shows up to the polls ? Our elections are on Tuesdays so I’m thinking the church folk will show.


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I had originally thought of highlighting some of the incessant NO’s that the average American knowingly/unknowingly faces secondary to the nanny state practices that are everywhere. I thought it would tie in nicely with some of this blogs owners posts. In drafting the post it became a bit unwieldy and I’ve tossed it on the notepad to get aged a bit. In it’s place I offer a post about how we are dealing with our recent economic downturn. Sadly the word no is lacking when it comes to accountability and restraint re: the public checkbook.

America is a consumer nation. It is our bane and our reality. We have evolved into a service sector economy which has somehow fostered prosperity for many. This of course led to our need to keep up with the Jonses.

We set forth buying stuff. big stuff,lot’s of stuff,stuff and more stuff. We had experienced only little negative issues from this until recently. Our housing market is adjusting. Our homes tend to be the big asset for us and unfortunately tends to replace anything resembling hard savings in the bank. Adjust the value of our home and property and you thrust our asset into a liability. This is my simplistic version of what is really hurting us but I don’t think I’m off base.

Fear not the government has stepped in and offered much monetary assistance to the mortgage devalued masses.The Government has also taken steps to shore up Freddie and Fannie. They have dipped into the pocketbook to help the banking & finance market overall.I sit wondering if the airlines and automakers are next.Those two coming to the trough is not unprecedented. This is all stupid in my opinion and fortunately for you dear reader other more articulate folk agree.

When the economy contracts, the government may use sound monetary and fiscal policy to help revive growth. But when wealth goes up in smoke, the government can’t necessarily bring it back. If it tries, the effect is likely to resemble what happens when you give a recovering alcoholic a drink: deceptively pleasant at first, but ultimately calamitous.

Anyway the above quote is from Reason Magazine. It is an article that captures it better than I ever could. I also have a post at my place that used this article as it’s basis.

The two offer a look at the problem that even many Americans don’t get or share. I offer them to you as a way to understand us a bit better.

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Having been offered to post something here in the Third Province and with the added suggestion about American views I started thinking. Going into the weekend I had a number of things on my notepad of a political nature and a list of things to do out and about in the real world. Reflecting on all this I experienced a rush of thoughts. So here are those thoughts, questions and other evidence of random pondering.

” You don’t have to work as hard…”

I was at the big box home improvement (DIY) store looking for some lawn trimmer. Having grown up in the city I am more in tune with the virtues of asphalt than grass but I must try. I think it is some type of suburban by law. Anyway I passed no less than seven properly vested and on the clock employees of the store and was not so much as nodded at let alone offered help. As I was exiting three of them were doing a one person job and another person was talking to them. In context of some of the conversation I easily overheard due to it’s obvious broadcast -this other person seemed to be akin to their union steward even though I don’t think the store is unionized. They all laughed it up when he said “Well at least you don’t have to work as hard.” In fairness it could have been about how three were doing the work of one but it didn’t seem it. In fuller truth the fact they didn’t acknowledge me-a customer is more in line with the statement I think.

Also on that day…

So after a less than positive jaunt in the home improvement store I found myself at home with the family and desiring anything other than preparing dinner. I turned to the telephone and a coupon to a new pizza place in the neighborhood.

In a full disclosure way I sometimes speak as fast and sloppily as I type;however, I am usually understandable.

Anyway my attempts to order didn’t get past the identifying info all the take out places seem to require now. I say the eight that is in my phone number and the pizza man says “five ?? ” I say clearly and louder “EIGHT ! “ Pizza man says “You’ll have to speak up.” I hung up and made up the leftovers-Yuck

Other Suburban Bylaw Adherences…

The Lawn and shopping continued…

Well this being America we have two super big box home improvement stores. I went to the other one and found a trimmer at a price I liked and a brand with features that were awesome. See that’s the suburban thing working. I can’t stand yard work and am urban dictated inept at it ,yet the right tool at the right price gets me grunting.On a side note I was acknowledged by an employee other than the cashier although not necessarily helped in my search. Anyway off to the yard I went and since I only cut grass and brush as opposed to me I think I may have turned a corner. At least until the water ban kicks in and the summer sun burns my lawn to a non green state.

True Suburban Nirvana…

I went to my daughters soccer (football everywhere else) game today. Soccer has taken off in the States and I have always been a cynical opponent of it. The lure of it in my eyes has always been driven by people that wanted to be more like Europe and municipalities that couldn’t afford to field fully equipped football (American) or baseball teams.

Anyway the parking lot resembled a demolition derby and the fields were abounding in crazed running “under sevens” (year olds) My little one scored twice and paid attention throughout.There was even a defensive play that was stellar-either that or proof that if one stands in the right place you’re likely to get hit.

I went home proud of my little player and a little bit more positive about soccer.I also think I’ve gotten another suburban ritual punched on my Suburban Resident Card.

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