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Just by a strange coincidence at the same time I was mostly through that tedious but famous read Frankenstein – the news broke that Newcastle and Durham’s collective University project has worked out how to manufacture sperm… As I mused on the wild silliness of that old feminist idea that men [as in the male half of the species] are not really needed and this can only add to that strange and destructive argument…

Of course one thing is that as they’ve worked out how to make a sperm from a skin cell – How long before they can make an egg? And then who will be needed? Alright – so that’s science fiction at the moment but last week making a sperm was as well. I’ll stick my neck out and say How Long Before Pregnancy Is A Luxury For The Rich Or Something The Poor Cannot Avoid?

In the late eightees I remember there was some interest in a ‘wet incubator’ that was having some success and how much more interest in developping a wet incubator will there be when sperm and egg can be manufactured, vetted and then wed… why not let them develop slightly longer in the lab… and if possible would the rich spend money on not being pregnant, would folk investigate a full term ‘artificial womb’ or incubator as it would relieve the poor from having to work hard and carry their child?

Frankenstein in his pride wanted to make a creature better than he – We in our pride are content to manufacture ourselves… and make ourselves redundant?

Will we abandon sex completely for the sake of  descandants? Will we automatically turn to contraceptives so that we need never worry about what could occur outside the Lab? Could this be the road to Barbarella where only the eccentric or the rich [possible only the rich eccentric] carry their babes?

Barbarella is a vision of a future without sex – could we turn towards sex as nothing more than fun and then for prudes to allow us to worry about diseases and dirt to say that we should refrain?

I don’t think the future is sexless or genderless, even though that might become possible by design… but I do wonder how wise we’d become in a world where hardship is having to go to the shops… How could we relate to another’s pain when all pain is striven to be discarded?

Now I’m sure there are some who have problems with the old ‘plumbing’ and that given that I’m not against an incubator that could help – I’m against what the widespread use of such could mean… Ordered children? Frozen embryoes to be thawed out at a given notice? Just come along at the appropiate appointment and take your child away and here’s some drugs to get you to lactate [if you so desire]… Male or female there could be a drug for either… [Men can lactate given real hardships… for more ask or be bewildered.]

Don’t want a screaming infant? Well, we could use a new and not quite tested method for allowing them to develop a bit more… yes, nutritional supplements and programmes for languages…

Why don’t you just say how old you want them and perhaps take one off the shelf?

If this were to pass over the years [at least two decades I think but I could be wrong…] would we notice any diference in how we related to each other, would we just say that we had come into some Golden Age? and what would we lose?


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I had originally thought of highlighting some of the incessant NO’s that the average American knowingly/unknowingly faces secondary to the nanny state practices that are everywhere. I thought it would tie in nicely with some of this blogs owners posts. In drafting the post it became a bit unwieldy and I’ve tossed it on the notepad to get aged a bit. In it’s place I offer a post about how we are dealing with our recent economic downturn. Sadly the word no is lacking when it comes to accountability and restraint re: the public checkbook.

America is a consumer nation. It is our bane and our reality. We have evolved into a service sector economy which has somehow fostered prosperity for many. This of course led to our need to keep up with the Jonses.

We set forth buying stuff. big stuff,lot’s of stuff,stuff and more stuff. We had experienced only little negative issues from this until recently. Our housing market is adjusting. Our homes tend to be the big asset for us and unfortunately tends to replace anything resembling hard savings in the bank. Adjust the value of our home and property and you thrust our asset into a liability. This is my simplistic version of what is really hurting us but I don’t think I’m off base.

Fear not the government has stepped in and offered much monetary assistance to the mortgage devalued masses.The Government has also taken steps to shore up Freddie and Fannie. They have dipped into the pocketbook to help the banking & finance market overall.I sit wondering if the airlines and automakers are next.Those two coming to the trough is not unprecedented. This is all stupid in my opinion and fortunately for you dear reader other more articulate folk agree.

When the economy contracts, the government may use sound monetary and fiscal policy to help revive growth. But when wealth goes up in smoke, the government can’t necessarily bring it back. If it tries, the effect is likely to resemble what happens when you give a recovering alcoholic a drink: deceptively pleasant at first, but ultimately calamitous.

Anyway the above quote is from Reason Magazine. It is an article that captures it better than I ever could. I also have a post at my place that used this article as it’s basis.

The two offer a look at the problem that even many Americans don’t get or share. I offer them to you as a way to understand us a bit better.

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